Christmas Trends 2021

Get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your home for the holidays in the top design trends of 2021. Decorating your home can elevate the vibe of the space and instantly lift your spirits. Considering all things covid, changing the mood and ambience of your space would definitely be a great family bonding experience, for all ages, and it won’t require much effort if you follow our Christmas trends guide and tips while ordering online. 

So, choose what trend suits your personality and space the most, and let’s start decorating! 

  1. The Minimalist:
    Many people have switched to a more simple way of living with less personal belongings and clutter during the pandemic, if you were one of those who Kon Mari’d your home, this is the perfect style for you. Minimalistic design focuses on going through things one already owns before purchasing more of what is required. The Christmas aesthetic for this style is clean colours like white, grey, cream, black and beige, accentuated by pops of fresh greens such as evergreen and pine cones. Use metallic accents, bows and fairy lights to decorate your Christmas tree or leave it completely bare. It’s very aesthetically driven with strategic candles, heavy textures and a breathable feel. Keep the tablescape simple and monochromatic, focus on bringing greenery by adding fern wreaths and garlands. You can also add touches of brass to add glam elements, keep the ornamentation to the minimum and play with modern pieces.


  2. The Monochromatic:
    If your space already has a black and white colour palette this trend could be your best friend. Create a moody atmosphere by adding a giant Christmas tree in a dark green shade and decorate with baubles, twinkling lights and stars in shades of black, white, grey and metallics. Play with gold, silver, bronze and glass/acrylic accents to add an elegant touch. Similar to the minimalist style, don’t over-accessorise with multiple colours, use greens and pops of red as accents and play with multiple textures to create depth. Use black and white decorative accents for table tops, multiple candles and add monochromatic prints for table runners and dinnerware. Use simplicity to create an extravagant space. 

  3. Natural and Cosy:
    Think natural wood, hot chocolate, bead garlands, flock trees and warm earth tones. Create the perfect cabin chic vibe with cozy textures like faux furs and flannel prints in the winter cold, or if you live in the tropics, use warm toned linens and terracotta accent pieces instead. Decorate your Christmas tree with lots of ornaments in warm tones like ruby red, emerald green, rose gold and copper. You can also use cream tones to create contrast and bring in some cute cactus and animal showpieces. Bring in nature or use artificial greens like wreaths and garlands to complement all the earthy tones. Eat some s’mores, bake some gingerbread cookies and fill your home with cosy fragrances of cinnamon and chocolate. 

  4. Retro Nostalgia:
    Transport yourself to a vintage era by simply making alterations to your living space. Choose an era or style that you would like your decor to focus on. Victorian Christmas is popular all across the globe, people use angels, Santa’s and other gorgeous decoration pieces that are thrifted or specially made to replicate the classic Victorian design. You could also go for a more rustic vintage vibe by adding wood tones, banners and posters, antique miniature vehicles, and snowglobes. You could go for a maximalist route for this design trend and bring in numerous fun Christmas elements in the decor, food and games. 

  5. Playful colours: 
    If your style is pretty neutral all year around, how about injecting some fun colour this Christmas. Try something new by adding vibrant colours to your Christmas decor. This trend is all about a monochromatic Christmas in a dominant colour that will create cohesion and a bold statement at the same time. Simply choose your favourite colour and decorate the entire house with it, get Christmas tree ornaments, tableware, candles, wreaths, ribbons and accent showpieces all in the same colour. If this is a little out of your comfort zone, use different colours that blend well together instead, for example, reds, pinks and gold give a regal vibe or purple, blue and silver create a winter mood. Pastel colours can be your best friend if you want to keep the ambience more muted and mature. 

  6. Traditional and Rustic:
    Plaid, tartan and a red, green and white colour palette is what classic Christmas’s are made of. Christmas quilts, berry garlands, star tree toppers, wooden nutcrackers, gold reindeers, cloth ornaments and adorable Santa Claus figurines sum up this trend. This is the perfect aesthetic for the person who loves everything Christmas and goes over the top with extravagant decorations, perfectly wrapped gifts and bright lights. This is definitely the trend that never goes out of fashion/style. 

  7. Winter wonderland:
    One of the most luxe and popular trends every season is going all white. Select shades of white, cream and gold for the colour palette and then choose a minimalist or maximalist side. For the minimalists, keep it simple and clean with all monochromatic decorations and add simple elements that catch the eye such as snow globes, stars and wreaths to create a harmonious and dignified space. On the other hand, maximalists can go all out! Think maximalist glam and cover every space with festive cheer. Since white helps create an open feel, more is more, pick an all white or snow covered Christmas tree, and add more ornaments than there are branches. Feathers, ribbons, baubles, snowflakes, angels, snowmen and reindeers in neutral shades can be added all around, using different textures and materials can help create added contrast.

The holiday season is meant for personal expression, so no one will judge you for being over the top. Don’t overthink your holiday decor, go with your gut while shopping for design elements and try to mix and match if it feels right. Spend quality time with your friends and family, and make the most of the festivities at home. We hope you’re inspired to create your dream Christmas decor, tag us in your pictures if you follow any of our tips!